"Quality healthcare services for all. "


"Community Health Workers (CHWs), A cradle for a strong health system in Uganda"

Our commitment is to ensure that people everywhere and at any time have access to equitable and quality healthcare services.

Research and data use are key facets in achieving Universal Health Coverage. We seek to generate and disseminate research needed to optimize health services. 

We take the role the role of Community Health Workers seriously. Through them great milestones have been reached across the globe. 


2023 Data

0 %
Family Planning users get the service from CHWs
0 %
Deliveries in Health facilities
0 %
Mothers visited by CHWs within 48 hours after delivery
0 %
Households received atleast one visit from a CHW each month
0 %
Malaria, Pneumonia & Diarrhea cases in children under 5 treated by CHWs within 24 hours of symptom onset
0 %
Malaria cases for children under 5 years are treated at household level by CHWs

About Us

We strengthen health systems through an actively engaged and Professional Community Health Workforce.

Nama Wellness Community Centre (NAWEC) was founded in May 2014 and is headquartered in Lukojjo Village, Nama sub-county, Mukono District, Uganda. It has a long tradition of providing high-quality health care to the people of Mukono and its surrounding areas, specifically focused on women and children

Community Mental health interventions

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the previously overlooked impact of mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety and to some extent suicidal ideations. The rise in domestic violence during this period, disproportionately affecting women and adolescents, further underscored the urgent need for targeted interventions. In response, we launched ‘The Resilience Project’, a mental health program grounded in the Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy model (IPT-G).

Utilizing group talk therapy facilitated by trained counsellors, our IPT-G sessions are conducted within communities. CHWs, equipped with specialized training, play a critical role in facilitating these sessions, assessing for depression, and guiding participants through the therapeutic process.



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Providing high-quality health care to the people of Mukono and its surrounding areas

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NAWEC’s proactive response

We made the decision early in the COVID-19 pandemic to continue and even
intensify our efforts to strengthen high-quality community health services in the Nama sub-county.

While the COVID-19 pandemic was destabilizing and caused great suffering in our community, we have come out of it stronger and with an even greater bond with the communities we serve.

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The role of CHWs in ensuring that more mothers deliver from a health facility


Awori a 26-year-old had lost three of her previous babies and she believed that her co-wife was responsible. For these three pregnancies she had never attended any antenatal care visits at a health facility and all the deliveries were under unskilled birth attendant. On her fourth pregnancy she was discovered by a CHW supported by Nama Wellness. She was convinced by the CHW to attend antenatal but still believed that if she was to deliver, it would have to happen at traditional birth attendant (TBA). During her continuous follow up visits, the CHW talked to Awori about going to a health facility for delivery giving her hope that this time there are better chances for her baby to survive. However, the expectant mother did not have transport to take her to a health facility. The CHW called for a van from Nama Wellness that transported Awori to Mukono hospital where she delivered a baby boy and her narrative will never be the same again!


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Launching the CHW advocacy training course in Uganda
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Launch of the CHW Advocacy training course in Uganda
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Launch of the CHW advocacy training course in Uganda
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