Nama Wellness Community Centre (NAWEC) was founded in May 2014 and is headquartered in Lukojjo Village, Nama sub-county, Mukono District, Uganda. It has a long tradition of providing high-quality health care to the people of Mukono and its surrounding areas, specifically focused on women and children.


To accomplish our goals, we have developed four pillars of community health:

  1. we employ community health workers, known in Uganda as Village Health Teams (VHTs)
  2. we collaborate and build capacity at government health centres (HCs)
  3. we conduct clinical outreaches
  4. we provide excellent services and clinical training at our HC III.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

The commitment and dedication of the staff and the management team ensure that we live our vision and mission statements in daily activities.

Vision: Equitable and quality healthcare services for Children, Women and Youth.

Mission: To transform Community health systems through an actively engaged and professional Community health workers who are recognized and linked to the National health system to promote equitable access to quality health services in rural communities.

Goal:  To increase access to quality healthcare services for Women, Children and Youth in Mukono district.

Core values

  1. Respect.
  2. Compassionate.
  3. Client Centered.

Download our 2022 report here