Government Health Centers (Hcs)

Strengthening government health centres is the key to the sustainability of NAWEC’s community health approach. In 2020 we supported four facilities, provided 123 days of nursing support, trained 11 government clinicians, and conducted 15 meetings with health centre directors and government health officials. We are also working to strengthen links between CHWs and their local facilities.

As a part of our efforts to strengthen health systems in the Nama Sub-county and Mukono district in general, we work with government health facilities in the Nama sub-county and currently we work with four of these, including Katogo health Centre IV, Bulika health Centre ii, Mpoma health Centre ii, and Kasenge Health Centre ii. We hope to improve the quality of healthcare services through the training and mentorship of government health workers. In addition, Nama Wellness’ community nurse works four days a week at the four of these health facilities, and through the community nurse new services are introduced, and these are nutrition assessment and cervical cancer screening.

Key services/activities

  • 4 Days of support to government health facilities every week
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Cervical cancer screening and treatment
  • Mentorship and training

Highlights 2020/2021

  • 97 days of support visits to government health facilities
  • 4,010 clients served by the community nurse
  • 732 provided family planning
  • 1,835 children immunized
  • Hired a nurse mentor to support government health facilities


NAWEC Health Centre

NAWEC’s Health Centre III was upgraded to level III during the pandemic period. COVID restrictions limited

Clinical outreaches

Clinical outreaches provide support to our partner health facilities and CHWs. The NAWEC team travels to