What is ultra-sound imaging?

What is ultra-sound imaging?

Ultrasound imaging is an imaging modality that uses sound waves at a very high frequency to generate real-time images.
Who is eligible to doing ultrasound imaging?
Everybody is eligible to do ultra-sound scanning as long as he/she has seen a doctor who has requested for it to be carried out.
Are pregnant women allowed to do ultrasound?
Yes, they are allowed to do so because it’s very important in monitoring the pregnancy.

  1. It helps rule out congenital abnormalities before the baby is borne e.g. hydrocephalus, spina, bifida, cleft palate etc.
  2. It also helps access complications related to pregnancy e.g. placenta previas, hydrops
  3. It helps monitor baby growth while still intra-uterine to avoid intra-uterine growth retardations
  4. For mothers interested in knowing the unborn baby’s gender

How many times should one have scans?

As long as deemed necessary by the doctor but for pregnant mothers, it should be at least 4 scans throughout ANC

Myths about ultra-sound

It shortens life span. This is not true

I therefore recommend and encourage all expectant mothers to embrace the use of ultra-sound throughout pregnancy to know the health status of their to-be babies and to also assess risky pregnancies


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