Research and Data use

Research and data use are key facets in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

We seek to generate and disseminate research needed to optimize health services. We do this through measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of health programs, identifying best practices, and making evidence-based policy recommendations. Moreover, we are advocating for and supporting the digitization of community health information in Mukono district. For example, we supported the training of more than 300 CHWs in the use of the Electronic Community Health Information System (eCHIS) in the sub counties of Nama, Ntunda, Kimenyedde, and Kyampisi. We are also collaborating with other organizations like Dimagi, Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC), and Stanford Centre for Health Education to develop conduct pilot health interventions and subsequently share key learnings from these interventions.

For instance, we have collaborated with Dimagi to pilot the CommCare Connect project that empowers CHWs to use smart phones to administer Group Interpersonal Therapy (IPTG) to 72 women in Nama sub county. 


Policy and Advocacy

We take the role the role of Community Health Workers seriously. Through them great milestones